How is Archifex work?

We offer customized professional guidance and management services to our clients. The persons who heard/viewed/read about us can come to our office and get more information about us, and the interested persons can handover their visions and thoughts.
The interested ones can also put an email or make phone call to us.

Archifex architects is one of the best landscape designers in South Kerala. And also doing Cost-effective house designer or low cost house designer in South Kerala. That is the reason Archifex is best architects in South Kerala.

Who we are?

Archifex is a multidisciplinary architecture consultancy firm with a team of experienced, creative and innovative young professionals. Archifex has a team of architects, engineers, interior designers and landscape designers.

Is Archifex has a unique style?

Yes, Archifex is based and believed in some principles. We promote the architecture for a pleasant, healthy environment for human and a greener future for our mother nature.
We won’t promote to follow blindly the architecture styles such as ‘contemporary’ or ‘traditional’ without any tone of functional values.

Style and principles of Archifex

Organic. - Archifex following the principles of organic architecture introduced by the great American architect ArFrank Lloyd Wright, organic architecture is the philosophy of architecture which promotes harmony between human habitation and its natural surroundings.

Good design understands that for anything to be truly beautiful, that it must possess simplicity and repose.

"The solution of every problem is contained within itself. Its plan, form and character are determined by the nature of the site, the nature of the materials used, the nature of the system using them, the nature of the life concerned and the purpose of the building itself."

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959)

Each problem is unique

By approaching each project as a special and unique design, a house to be created by us for one person is completely different than the same type of house for someone else. The thumb print of the person is must be etched on the design.

Green buildings, sustainable architecture

For the greener future of our mother earth and for our future generations, we should save our natural energy and material resources. Archifex keeps the green thoughts and ideas in our works. The sustainable architecture concepts reduce the energy consumption in the working of buildings and at the construction stage also. In buildings, large amount of energy is used in lighting, heating & ventilation and large amount of ground water is consumed. Archifex adopt many sustainable ideas in the design for reducing these.

Vernacular style of architecture.

‘The vernacular architecture’ is the original architecture style based on the local needs , availability of local construction materials and reflecting local traditions, crafted by the individual and society it is in. The building methods are tested through trial-and-error and are tailored to the climatic, aesthetic, functional, and sociological needs of their given society. Because the person constructing the structure tends to be the person who will be using it,the vernacular architecture will be perfectly tailored to that individual’s particular wants and needs.

Archifex use vernacular techniques to create a pleasant and healthy habitat environment.

New technologies and techniques. -

We are not stuck on the conventional construction practices, Our team is enthusiastic for innovative technologies and techniques in the construction industry; we always try to implement these in our projects.

Does archifex follow vasthusasthra?

We considered vasthusasthra as an ancient manual for construction of buildings practiced in India. There are some principles of vasthusasthra has scientific base. In the design process, we consider some of these principles only on the client’s requirements.
The blind believers of vasthusasthra please spare us.